ISNAAD is not linked to the store and the platform providing the service except after agreement and signing of the contract with ISNAAD 

It depends on the receiving country, its circumstances and its clearance procedures, but we are working to speed up the process as much as possible

Yes, with a temperature not exceeding 18 degrees Celsius

How long is the delivery time inside Riyadh and outside Riyadh?

Inside Riyadh: If the order is received before 12 noon, the order will be delivered on the same day, after that it will be delivered the next day.

Outside Riyadh: the main cities within 24-48 hours, and the rest of the cities may reach 96 hours, depending on the response of the end customer.

We are currently working on it and soon we will be licensed by the Authority

Yes, food storage is available

Yes, it is available in Riyadh and for specific number of cities in the Kingdom

The shipping service is linked to other services, so the shipping service cannot be provided without the other services

It depends on the customer's performance, and to serve you better, we are honored to receive your request through the START WITH US  page

Or call the unified number 800 1111905

Yes, we have a delivery service for our customers to all over the world served by international shipping companies

In ISNAAD, we offer a range of services, and the shipping service is part of it, and it cannot be provided separately

ISNAAD provides comprehensive logistics services and consists of 3 main services 

1- Fulfillment Services 

2- Customs clearance 

3- Warehouse management